You can order by filling up our order form apart from that you can also order through our official email id and phone number. 

You can place all the orders one by one by filling up our order form till the plan is completed or you can also place all the orders through our official email Id and Phone number.

You can place only one order at a time and can place the next order once the order is completed and delivered.

Once your order is submitted our Customer Relationship Manager immediately contacts you and confirms your order and your project is sent for designing.

We do not take any advance payment for our (single packs).

We accept payment for (single pack) after delivery of your order.

In the (subscribe pack) we take 40% of the total amount of your plan as advance payment and the remaining 60% payment is taken after 15 days from the date of advance payment.

We provide our payment ID through our official email id you can make payment to us using that payment ID. (While making payment please note that you have to make payment using the payment ID sent through our official email id 

 (At present we do not provide our payment ID in any other way except our official email id 

If you want to know more about payment you can contact us.

We complete and deliver your project within 24 hours from the time the order is confirmed.